Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thur.’s Devo - The Outcome

Read: 2 Samuel 18:1-19:10; John 20:1-31; Psalm 119:153-176; Provers 16:14-15
David was going out against Absalom and all he could think about was Absalom. He divided his people into three divisions and was planning to go with them to battle. His men talked him out of it because if he died then the whole reason for fighting was David. David told his men to save Absalom’s life.
They fought on land covered in woods and the terrain was so dangerous it killed more than the sword did. In fact, Absalom was one of those wood casualties. His hair, that he was so proud of, got caught in the branches of an oak tree. His horse kept riding leaving him suspended in air. One of David’s men saw him and told Joab what he saw. Joab asked him why he didn’t kill him and the man reminded Joab of the king’s request that Absalom not die. Joab went back and shot three darts into the heart of Absalom and blew the trumpet of victory. The battle was over.
Absalom was a type of the anti-christ. He had erected a monument in his name since he didn’t have a son to carry on his name. The Anti-christ won’t have a son either and will erect a statue of his own. Joab understood that as long as Absalom was alive, David’s kingdom would not be safe. He did what he thought was right.
Joab sent Cushi to tell David about the outcome of the battle. Ahimaaz begged to run also and finally Joab let him. He took a short-cut and beat Cushi. He wanted to give David the news in pieces and prepare him to hear about his son’s death. He told David that they had won the battle, but when David asked about Absalom he told him he saw a commotion and wasn’t sure what it was about. Cushi came right behind him and delivered the rest of the news.
David was immediately sad and his soldiers crept into town in shame. They had risked their lives for a leader who showed he was more interested in the enemy than his friends. Joab rebuked him and told him to get out to his men and thank them for fighting for his kingdom.
When you are a leader, you have to realize that your family is the kingdom, not just your immediate family. It can be a hard thing to juggle but your vision has to broaden with your heart.
Jesus was able to do it, so it is possible.
In John we read about Jesus first appearances to Mary and the disciples. I can’t imagine the joy Jesus had in coming back to see his spiritual family. Jesus did many miraculous signs in their presence and breathed on them to receive the Holy Spirit.
Breathe on us your Holy Spirit today.

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