Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's Devo - The Temple of God

Read I Chron 28
David assembles all his faithful followers to give them the greatest command of all. He stands up and lays out the future of the kingdom. Solomon, his son, will build the temple of the Lord. In front of all the people David hands Solomon the blueprint the spirit had given him for the Temple, the courts, the chambers around it, the storehouses for the treasuries, and the itinerary of the priests, Levites, and all the service of the house of the Lord. Then he gave him the exact amount of gold and silver he would need to make all the candlesticks, tables, bowls, etc., and the exact measurement for each of them. Lastly, he tells Solomon to be strong and courageous and not fearful because He was going to be with Solomon and cause him to succeed.
One day the Lord is going to gather his beloved together which we call the rapture. He will stand up and give us the command to build his temple in heaven - the new heaven. He has it all planned out in detail.
Right now we are building His kingdom here on earth. And though we are working many times in the unknown, unseen realm; one day it will all be made manefest. He has given each of us the exact amount of wisdom and knowledge we need for the task he has put in front of us. Sometimes it may be to fill in someones' cracked vessel. sometimes it is to start a brand new word. Whatever we are called to do He has equipped us with exactly what we need. We should never say, "________ would do it better." When God gives us an assignment it may not be because we are the best one to do it in the natural; it is because HE can do it better through us.
So be strong and courageous and do not fear: greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Lord help us to build your temple in our hearts with gold and silver and fill it with the treasures of your Word.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thurs.'s Devo - Jesus in Cairo

I'm in Cairo and I've been thinking about Jesus' ministry. He was born with a lot of huppla: angels, heavenly hosts, kings, etc. Then you don't hear about him for 12 years. The next time he appears he is 12 and on his way to Jerusalem. He is going for his bar mitzva. He will be a man and once that happens he can follow his father in the business. So Jesus goes to the temple to God's house, doing God's business because God is his father. When Mary and Joseph can't find him they search for 3 days. Finally they find him in the temple. When they ask him what in the world he is doing he replies: "Didn't you know I would be about my father's business?" They ponder this and make him come home with them. He grows up in wisdom. It doesn't say that he works in the shop with his father. I think he must have gone back to school to study to be a rabbi. Only the best students could go on to be rabbis. There must have been a distinquishing mark: earrings, ringlets, head piece; something that distinquished him from the everyday Jew. The people knew he was a rabbi because they called him that.
When a rabbi got finished with his studies, around 30 years of age, he would select 10-12 men to disciple. He ususally chose the best students in his class that didn't make rabbi. This was a great priviledge. Jesus went to the sea and chose measley fishermen, much-hated tax collectors, the ones he knew were humble and hungry and teachable. Man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.
With these 12 men he spread the greatest news of all. "God has come to earth to save the world. God chose each of us strategically to be his disciples and help in the great privaledge of spreadingthe good news. In a very dark corner of the world, He still shines bright. Go let your light shine.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tues.'s Devo - Walk With the Wise...

Read 1 Chron 27: 32-34
David had 2 counselors: Jonathan and Ahithophel. Jonathan means "god-given" and he was a wise man of understanding and a scribe who could enumerate what was going on. Ahithophel was his other counselor and his name means "brother of folly". Folly can be translated "foolish things, unsavoury, untempered". David's companion was Hushai which means "hasty". All this to say, we are all assigned angels and demons. The angels are there to minister to and assist us in what God is doing. The demons are assigned to distract us, get us to make hasty decisions, and basically to intercept and destroy God's plans for us. We cannot choose our angels and demons but we can chose our companions. David didn't chose wisely which is why he hastily fell for Bathsheba and he hastily numbered the people which caused the death of many.
The word companion in the Hebrew means "an associate; brother, companion, friend, husband, lover, neighbor. Pro 13:20 says, "He that walks with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed." James 4:4 tells us that to be a friend of the world is to be an enemy of God.
Our last verse today tells us that after Ahithophel (hasty) came recogition of wrong so God could rebuild and cause abundance to come his way instead of curses. The general of the king's army was Joab. Joab means "God-fathered" which is exactly what God did for David. He fathered him. He disciplined him when he needed it and encouraged him when he needed that also.
God, as our father, give us wisdom to choose the right companions and walk in your perfect love.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday's Devo - Angels in Charge

Read 1 Chron 27:26-31
Ps. 91 says that He will give his angels charge over us and they will keep us in all our ways. Verse 26 tells about the angels that overlook the work of the field. We know the field is the world and the tillage of the ground would be the softening of people's hearts to receive the gospel. The next 4 verses have two parts to them. The first part has to do with the natural dominion and the second part has to do with the spiritual. In verse 27 we have the spirits over the vineyards - the joy and entertainment. The ones in charge of the vineyards are called "famous" and "high seat of idolatry", but the ones over the increase of the vineyards for the wine cellars were "giving a gift" and "high". The entertainment field has been mostly a seat of idolotry but God is invading that arena and giving extraordinary giftings to his people. He is the God of "more than enough" so he is over the increase and the cellars where the excess is stored. We are to store up our treasures in heaven which makes heaven a big cellar.
In verse 28 we have the spirits over the olive trees and the sycomore trees. Olive trees yield illuminating oil so I would think they stand for education and knowledge in the natural and insight, anointing, and wisdom in the spirit. The sycomore trees yeild fruit and we know what the fruit of the spirit is and what rotten fruit is. There are trees in the low plains (the wilderness, the desert) - the hard places in life, and in the valleys where God's domain is, where the grass is green and the garden's are (Son 6:11). The man's name over the the plains meant "possessor of grace". God sends his messengers of grace to us in out desert places. Next are the angels over the herds that fed in the plains and the valleys. The cattle do the ploughing so they are the trail-blazers and forerunners that do the dirty work for the ones to come behind them. The camels and the asses had to do with the work force; business. In the spirit they are also the burden-bearers. One of the man's names meant "mournful" and another meant "God will hear". What a promise for those who mourn.
In verse 31 it gives us the spirits over the flocks. That has to be the church. His name meant "he will make him conspicuous; abundance". God will cause us to shine like stars, smell like incense, and flow like oil when we move in Him. These rulers or spirits were over all of the riches of the king and these angels are over all the riches of God.
May we be trees planted beside the water that brings fruit in our season. (Ps. 1)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday's Devo - Third Day in Yemen

This is my 3rd day in Yemen. I love it here. The architect is so old and ornate. I love the doors and the windows. We walked to a wedding party last night and I have to say I like walking better than driving. (Robynn drives fearlessly and would scare most of the men in this country.) The bad part is trying to walk in a burka. Women here are so oppressed. But, once they get to their gatherings, they take off their black garb and sit around eating gad which is some bitter stimulant and smoking tobacco out of a bong and visiting. They rarely laugh so when I do, I get a lot of looks...being a foreigner is also pretty attention getting also. They are so friendly and I have made a friend named Tiggia. I have seen her each day I have been here and will see her today. She is learning English so I am trying to help her. Her husband left the country 2 years ago and let her know recently he will be gone another 2 years. She is thinking about divorce. She is over 40 and wants a child. Women here live to have children and to be loved. They rarely get the later except by other women. They so desperately need Jesus. I shared with one lady about Jesus and having a relationship with him and she said, bitterly, 'What's the point?' I am praying that God will heal her son who was born with a nerve and muscle disease.
I came here to encourage Robynn and Greg and have seen a transformation in them since I got here. I am so grateful to be used of God to such wonderful people. They are such lights in a very dark place of blindness. Pray that the eyes of their understanding will be opened that they may know the hope of their calling in Christ Jesus.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Devo - You are His Treasure

Read 1 Chron 27: 23-25
David numbered the people but didn't count the ones under 20 because he knew that God's promise was that their seed would be as the dust on the earth. His words were: "and I will make your seed as the dust of the earth; so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall your seed also be numbered." Gen 13:16 Numbering speaks of judgment and it is not time to judge the earth. So everytime they started doing it in any fashion God got angry. Joab was in charge of this and discerned God's disapproval and stopped before he finished. He wisely never recorded any data he had found.
Verse 25 starts giving us an account of the overseers. I would think that these would be the spirits in the unseen world that protect the things of God. The first overseer's name meant "strong one of death". His job was to protect the treasures of the king. God's holy treasures in the Old Testament were in the Holy of Holies and onle a select person could go in once a year and there was a protocol that had to be obeyed or they were met with instant death. Many who have tasted of the deep things of God then turned away from Him have been turned over to Satan for the destruction of their flesh (death) that their spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. (1 Co. 5:5)
What is in the treasuries of the king? According to 2 Chron. 32:27 and Neh. 13:12 they are filled with gold (wisdom), silver (knowledge), precious stones (his saints), spices (our prayers, good works and trials), shields (our faithful victories), and all manner of pleasant jewels ( us. I wonder if the precious stones are the ones that have gone before us and the pleasant jewels are the ones on earth at the time.) the tithe of the corn (His Word) and the new wine (his joy) and the oil (his anointing). "We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." 2 Co. 4:7
Let's let our light so shine that it will give God glory and draw others to Him.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thurs.'s Devo - Gad, Asher, and Issachar

Gad - Gad means "a troop cometh". It means to attack. Gad and Asher came from Leah's handmaid: Zilpah which means "to trickle like myrrh". In Gen 49:19 is says of Gad that a troop will overcome him; but he shall overcome at the last." They are the nurturers, care-takers, and comforters, but also the warriors in the end. Num. 32. Gad, Reuben, and half of Manasseh chose to stay on the other side of the Jordan river instead of crossing over because they thought their grass was greener. I wonder what would have happened if they had crossed over and taken the inheritance with the other tribes. God is so good that he will never leave us but he has great plans for those who are not afraid to go into the unknown and start new things. They missed the adventure. One of the cities in Gad was called Dibon which means "pining". So they moped around in their green grass wishing they had the courage to cross over and start again. We all know people like that who were meant for greater things but fell short of starting. We have all been this people. The comforting thing is that God never leaves us no matter where we are in him. In Deu 33:20 it says that blessed is the man that enlarges Gad. In other words who broadens Gad's perspective. Interestingly they were one of the tribes that read out the curses in Duet. 27:13.
Asher - Asher means "happy". These were the prosperous who loved the finer things of life (Gen 49:20). Many of the names of his sons had to do with bringing trouble. But their seemed to be a remnant that were blessed with children and pleasing. It was prophesied over him that his walk would be anointed. (Duet. 33:24) They were rebuked for staying on the sea shore. They seem to be like Christians who are content in their Christianity but don't want to get wet and go out into the sea where the fish are and clean them up. Church is a haven but we are called to the world. We have eternity to spend with "our kind". Right now we need to get out of our comfort zone and reach the fish still out to sea.
Issachar - Issachar means "he will bring a reward" or "he will lift payment". Jesus lifted the payment of our sin we owed and he gave us the reward of righteousness and eternal life. Gen 49:14 says that Issachar is a strong ass couching down between two burdens. So picture a strong donkey sitting down to rest with a load on both sides of its back. He is loaded down but in the state of rest. Reminds me of "laboring to enter into God's rest". We are loaded down with sin and burdens but Jesus tells us to rest. It is not up to us to lift this burden.....he will. This is grace. All the tribes that were on the west were pictures of grace and the ones that will come into the kingdom in the last generations. One of the tribal leaders names meant "to redeem; to avenge." Another meant "deliverance of God". In 1 Chron 12:32 it says that the children of Issachar were men of understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do in their particular season. This last generation of warriors will understand their assignment and what to do to bring it about.
May we not be afraid to do what you have called us to do and get out into the sea where the fish are and rest in you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wed.'s Devo - Dan, Simeon, and Naptali

Read 1 Chron. 27:22
The last one they listed was Dan. So that makes only 7 of the 12 tribes. There has to be a reason, but I don't have it yet. So we are going to talk about the other 5 anyway.
Dan - Dan was born from Rachael's concubine, Bilhah. Dan was to take the reproach that she felt away from her. He brought her acceptance. This is the tribe of judges and leader of the tribes. We don't naturally think of judges being compassionate but these judges are and so is God. They have great wisdom to lead and teach which reflects God's glory. They are also the artisans: engravers of wood, gold,silver, brass, iron, stone, and the craftsmen in cloth and embroidery. Samson was from the tribe of Dan so this tells me they were strong people. I would also think that anger would be their temptation.
Simeon - This was Leah's 2nd born and she said that he was given to her because she was hated. He was to make her loved. Simeon means "to hear intelligently" which means he was discerning. Joseph chose to keep Simeon with him when his brothers came to buy grain. I wonder if he was refining Simeon for what he and Levi did in Gen. 34? Anyway, he was refined as gold and came out beautiful and pure. In Joshua 19:9 it says that the inheritance (the land) of Judah was too much so the children of Simeon had their inheritance within Judah's inheritance. So that makes me think that all the characteristics of Judah's were also Dan's. They were mighty men of valour for warfare: complete and mature.
Naptali - He was Bilhah's second son and Rachael said that he came out of much wrestling, but she prevailed. His name means "my wrestling". I call this contending in prayer. His line was the intercessors and the birthers (those that speak life and create with their prayers). In Gen 49:21 it says that Naphtali was a deer let loose. I think that is a picture of a person set free from addictions, and habits of sin. It also says that he gives goodly words. "Goodly" means "beautiful". One of his son's names means "having eyes". Matthew speaks of those who have eyes to see and how blessed they are because they see what God is doing and the things of the spirit. Duet. 33:23 says that he was satisfied with favor and full with the blessing of the Lord. They are also artistic and work with their hands with wisdom.
Thank you Lord, that you gift your children with gifts to give to each other and how together we look like you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tues's Devo - Zebulun, Ephraim, and 1/2 Manasseh

Read 1 Chron 27:19-21
Zebulun - The people of the tribe of Zebulun could hear God's voice. They were servants and also intercessors who wrestled with God. They went into the high places with God. He was Leah's 6th son. Their faith was strong and they expected God to move. They are soul winners. Their blessing in Gen. 49:13 was that they would dwell at the haven of the sea and be a haven for ships; and his border shall be unto Zidon. The sea is lost humanity. Fish are individual souls. Zidon means "catching fish" which is a picture of winning souls. These members are a special treasure to God. These are people lovers who move with compassion. They bring refreshing to the body of Christ.
Ephraim - Ephraim and Manasseh were both Joseph's sons who Jacob spiritually adopted. So instead of there being a tribe of Joseph there were the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. When Jacob came to bless Joseph's sons, Joseph had stratgically placed Manasseh in front of Jacob's right hand and Epraim in front of his left. Jacob prophetically crossed his arms (making the symbol of the cross) and blessed Ephraim as the first born.
Both these sons were born in Egypt (bondage). Before Joseph died he made his sons promise that they would take his bones into the promise land. They did. When they got to the Promise Land 2 1/2 of the tribes decided to stay on this side of the Jordan River : Gad, Rueben and 1/2 of Manasseh.. The Jordan stands for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and those who cross that river will enter into the promises of God. There are enemies defending their land but they can have whatever they ask if they contend for it. (When they crossed over the Red Sea it was a picture of Salvation.)
I think that many of the body of Christ are Manasseh now but will move to Ephraim. I just happened to be listening to a tape yesterday and the guy said that this is a type of the church. We are going from the point where God is causing us to forget the pain of our past (Manasseh) and moving to double fruitfulness (Ephraim) In Rev. 7:8 when it mentions the sealed tribes, Manasseh and Ephraim are sealed under one name: Joseph (which is another name for Jesus)
Their father, Joseph, was one of the best types of Jesus in the Bible. Both his sons speak of the new life we have in Christ. Both of these sons came from Racheal - Joseph's favorite wife. They walk in favor.
Lord, thank you that we are all so unique yet so loved by you. May we feel your tangible presence and love all around us today.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday's Devo - Reuben, Levi, and Judah

Read 1 Chron 27:16-
Now we get to go through the different tribes and find out about them. See if you can find your tribe. I will describe them by the meaning of the names. We'll do it in groups of 3 a day.
Reuben - Reuben means "see a son". They lead people to Jesus. These are the people with the gift of helps. Because this is their gift they do not forget any act of kindness done to them. Just like God writes every good thing we have done in his book of Remembrances. (Mal. 3:16) They are quick to hear and quick to obey. They have good judgment. The downside of this person is that being a judge can be a depressing thing to carry. They need to roll everything they see and hear on God's shoulders and not carry it themselves. Reuben was Israel's first born and Leah's hope for love. (Gen 29:32) Though he did some pretty shameful things like sleeping with his father's concubines, he also did some very noble things. He was the only brother that didn't want to kill Joseph and was going to secretly come back and set Joseph free. (Gen 37:21-22) When he came back to set Joseph free and Joseph was gone he rent his clothes in anguish. Later he offered his sons up to die if he didn't bring Benjamin back to his father alive. In Gen 49:3 Jacob blessed Reuben with might, excellency of dignity, and excellency of power. Reuben loved deeply.
Levi - Levi means "joined" because he was joined with God. These are the priests who carry the anointing. These people have been judged by a higher standard to see if they are fit to raised by God to the position of priest. They had to be just and morally righteous. To whom much is given, much will be required. They are ornaments that God can "show off". Moses came from the house of Levi. Levites teach and live the Word. They draw near to God and minister to him. They brought about justice and judgment to the people because they were the extension of God's hand. They were never to be numbered and could own no land. They were of another kingdom - God's. The temptation of this person is pride because they are trusted with the deep riches of the kingdom.
Judah - Judah means "celebrated". It is from the root word that means to use the hand; physically throw a stone or an arrow; revere or worship with extended hands; cast out, make confession, praise, give thanks. These are usually the worship leaders. Jesus came from this line and so did David so this is the kingly line. But, both Jesus and David were priests and kings. People from this line are the entrepreneurs; the people who posess the ability to make money. Judah didn't want to kill Joseph he wanted to sell him for money. One of the wives of Judah's name means "riches". The temptation of this tribe is to not let worldly riches destroy them and be used for the wrong reasons.
Theses were all Leah's sons.
Give us grace to be the best we can be and die daily.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday's Devo - God Gave Gifts to Man

Eph 4:8 "When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men."
Tomorrow I leave for Yemen and I am pumped. I had wanted to have the blessing and prayers of the church and got it today. What a blessing. I don't believe in being a lone ranger - forerunner maybe, but not a lone ranger. Lone rangers get picked off and are easy prey for the devil. That is why we are called the body. We need each other.
Our pastor is preaching about our spiritual gifts. We all have them but we move in them more freely when we recognize that we can. I believe that we all start with a gift and the more we use it the more it grows. Then it flows into another gift and we develope that gift which flows into the next one. We can stop wherever we wish or we can have them all - which is called the mature man. Ephesians 4 talks about that. What makes us mature is when we can use the gifts in love and for the glory of God and not ourselves. This is not an easy assignment but it is attainable with God's grace. Jesus is a prime example of a man who walked in all the gifts and he told us that we would do greater works than him because he was going to his father. Epaphras prayed that we would stand perfect and complete in all the will of God. The gifts are the will of God.
I pray that we would grow in grace and know the hope of our calling in Christ Jesus.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday's Devo- "For I Know the Plans I have for You..."

Read Jer. 29:11
Two days till I depart for Yemen and I am thinking back over my week. It has been a roller coaster week of emotions. I have fought the battle of "what am I thinking going to a dangerous place alone where I don't even know if I am wanted" to "I can't wait for all the Lord has planned for me to walk in." Many of my fears have been erased. Yesterday I talked to Gregg's mom and she said they were real excited about me coming. That helped a lot. Then I called to confirm my flights. They had me getting to Yemen and that was it. She said my other flights were cancelled. CANCELLED???? So I'm stuck in Yemen? She suggested I call the travel agent I booked with. Good call. All my flights are back on the board - never left. Whew, that was a close one! Then as I was trying to finish all my work I ran across some snares which will just have to wait till I get back. Not my nature to leave things in limbo so I'm just learning, again, how to roll everything on God who cares for me.
I did get to pray with a client yesterday who is leaving this week for a bone marrow transplant for her husband. That was a blessing. And what is another blessing is all the people who said they would be praying for me while I'm gone. My own son posted on his FB: "I don't know what we are thinking letting mom go over seas by herself with her sense of directions." I'm sure he'll turn that concern into prayer!
My dear husband is my greatest fan. He has daily given me words of encouragement and prophesy. He is the reason I am going. It has been his idea from the start. So I have been asking myself, "Why am I going?" People have been asking me the same question and I find myself not knowing the answer exactly. I know I want to encourage the saints. In Duet. 3 God told Moses to encourage Joshua and strengthen him because Joshua was to go over the Jordan and help the people to inherit the land promised them. So the older leader encourages the younger leader to "take the land". So, I want to do that and I want to walk with them in what they are doing and be a part of their ministry. I have found that when I go places I never grasp the depth of what God imparts in my spirit but it is a definite enlarging of space. I come home with a bigger view of God and his love for all people.
As far as my blog. I have preposted for about a week. Hopefully I will be able to post from where I am also so we won't lose touch. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement. God bless!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Devo - Endure to the End

Read 1 Chron 27: 10-15
In the 7th month God taught the people how to separate themselves from the curses of sin so they could receive the double portion of blessing from God. When we realize the curse that has been put on us and break it off our lives we will walk in the blessings which bring great rewards.
In the 8th month God taught them to wrap themselves in Him and find joy and to rise to spiritual places with him. One of the names meant "a rising of light". That is what God wants to do in us. He wants his joy to rise from our spirit like a light that will draw people to this light and find Him.
In the 9th month God taught them that he was the answer to anything they needed and that he would answer their call. God is a present help in time of need. He will answer our softest whispers if we whisper them.
In the 10th month he taught them about flowing in the purified water of his Word. When we are mature we will flow with in the Spirit by the Word.
Eph. 3:26 says that Jesus gave himself for the church that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.
In the 11th month God taught the older leaders to raise up the next generation that would have a double anointing on their leadership. That is what always happens. The coming generation always exceeds the last. It is because God is drawing nearer and nearer to coming back and his presence is getting stronger and stronger. Our children will do greater works than we do....isn't that what Jesus said to us?
In the 12th month the world and its systems were hit by the force of God and melted. (I have to say that this one made my mouth open in surprise). This is the end of the earth as we know it. God is coming back and everything on earth will melt. God is going to destroy the earth with fire. (2 Pet. 3:10)
So this is the progression of time and the progression of the church. May we be the remnant who don't faint and endure till the end.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thurs.'s Devo - What Month are You In?

Read 1 Chron 27:1-9
Every month 24,000 different men served in the kingdom. I think that these month describe the progression of us individually and us as a body called the Church. I'm going to describe each month's events by the names of the leaders of that course. The first month the people returned to David. Remember the kingdom was divided when David became king and many were for Saul and many were from David. Once David set up his kingdom the one's from Saul's camp started coming back. Once we as a church get set up like God intends many who have been disillusioned by the church will come back. I see that happening now.
In the 2nd month a sense of brotherhood and godly leadership was established. God will bond people together and raise up leaders to lead God's people.
In the 3rd month God started building his name and people gave to his work. Once people see the integrity of the leaders God sets up they will want to join in the work and give willingly.
In the 4th month God strengthened his kingdom and showed them his power. Once we get the revelation that the God of this Universe is our father we will move in power.
In the 5th month in their desolation they cherished the Lord. When we realize what we are without God and how he is all that is good about us we will cherish his grace and his love.
In the 6th month God gave them spiritual eyes to speak out on the perversity of sin. Once we understand the love of God he has to shine the light on our sin so we can be set free.
Lord, show us what month we are in and give us grace to progress through the year.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wed.'s Devo - North, South, East, and West

Read 1 Chron. 26:10-32 Next we have Hosah's sons. Merari is Hosah's father. Merari means "bitter" and Hosah's name means "hope". Hope sprang from the bitterness of Merari's life through Hosah's life. The first son of Hosah's that is mentioned is Simri. His name means "watchful". He was made chief even though he was not the firstborn. I guess because he was watchful and paid attention. That is all the prophetic is is being watchful to see what God is doing and paying attention to what is going on around you. The second son's name means "portion; smoothness of the tongue". This son knew how to partake of his inheritance and teach it with skill. The 3rd son's name meant "dip or plunge". If we ever dip our toe in the prophetic we will end up plunging in head first. One of the job of the high priest was dip his fingers in blood and sprinkle it on the furniture in the tabernacle, on the people and on the altar. What the high priest did in the Old Testament Jesus did in the New only he plunged his whole body in his own blood. The 4th son meant "to mark so as to be recognized". We have been marked by the blood of Jesus just like the doorposts were marked with blood so that death would not take them. Death won't take us either.
All these personalities had their set time and their own set gate to minister their particular gift. They were all equally important. They divided the gates by directions east, west, north and south. East means "the rising of the sun; the beginning". The group that got that gate meant "a thank offering". Isn't that what we are to do every morning? East also has to do with the law. In the law they could offer thank offerings anytime they wanted, but there were certain times it was required. David sang, "I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart." How appropriate! Jesus will come back through the Golden Gate on the east side. He will be the sun ushering in a new day.
The next lot fell to the family who would stand at the north gates. North has to do with hidden, dark, unknown. Heaven is north and God is going to come from the north to judge the earth, so north could mean judgment. (Jer. 1:13-14) But here I think it is talking about this person knowing the deep things of God and being able to spiritually judge because it says he was a wise counselor.
The lot that fell to the family who would guard the south gates was Obededom. His name means "worker of Edom". South has to do with the natural. Abraham got in trouble when he went south (Gen 20:1) and so did Paul in Acts 27:13. We always do when we move in the natural. These sons were also from the house of Asuppim which is a threshingfloor where offerings were collected. If south also indicated hell then the things sifted and collected would be souls that were thrown out of God's city. Interestingly this is where the dung gate is located where they carried their dung and buried it outside the gates.
The last direction was west. West has to do with "the evening sun; the end; grace" The verse: "As far as the east is from the west so God has removed our sins from us" could read: "as far as the law is from grace, so God has removed our sins from us." The two son's over these gates mean "serpent" and "to flee for protection". The devil is not mentioned in the Old Testament. Satan is only mentioned 15 times. But he is expounded on in the New. These gatekeepers kept out the evil. Remember how Moses's stick became a serpent too. Only his serpent ate up the pharoah's serpent. We are told in Matt. 10:16 to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
Thank you Lord that you surround us with your gatekeepers, your angels, to keep us in all that we do.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tues.'s Devo - Are You a Force?

Read 1 Chron. 26: 6-9
I don't know why I am spending so much time on these names except that there are some truths hidden in them that we need to uncover. Today we are going to talk about Shemaiah's sons. Shemaiah means "God has heard". That is comforting. It is beyond human comprehension to understand how God can hear and respond to every prayer prayed, but he does. Shemaiah's sons were commended because they ruled throughout their father's house and they were mighty men of valour. In Jewish culture the father would train the sons to do his trade and when they became trustworthy the father would turn the affairs of the household over to his sons and go and sit in the gate of the city and become an elder and a judge. Shemaiah's sons were able to rule their father's house well. They were powerful men of force and virtue. His first son's names meant "force". If you have a revelation that God hears everything you do, your prayers become a force. They accomplish what they are set out to do. The second son's name meant "God has healed and mended". This person has the opportunity to pray for the broken spirit and see God mend it. He can also pray for the sick and see results. The third son's name meant "serving". Every gift is a gift of service. We are all servants, serving with our different gifts. The next son's name meant "God has bestowed". This person realizes that gifts can be transferred just like anointings. Saul did not have a mantle of a king till Samuel bestowed that on him through prophecy. Whenever I hear a word given to someone that I want in my life I claim it and take it as mine. We can move in all the gifts and should. The next son's name meant "God is his strength". I rely on this one a lot, especially when I am called to do something that is not in my "strength department". It is then that I remember that in our weaknesses God is strong. He can do more in your weakness than in your strength because his strength is eons more powerful than our greatest strength. The last son's name meant "God is our support, the one we lean on". Everyone needs that encouragement. He is the one that props us up when we are weak and don't think we can keep going. Moses needed that and God sent Aaron and Hur to hold his arms up all day while the battle raged. God does that for us. He holds us up when we can't hold ourselves.
All these men are gatekeepers - intercessors, prophets, but they all have different assignments. These particular ones seemed more powerful in praying for healing- physically and emotionally, and confer gifts of faith on people.
The total number of Obededom's sons were 62. The number 62 means men who were tested to discern between good and evil. (I need to teach on numbers some day.) Meshelemiah's sons totaled 18 which means they were tested in the area of new revelation.
We are all prophets - people who can hear from God and repeat what he says and intercessors - those who can pray what we hear the spirit praying. So, Lord help us to see how easy it is to follow you and do our part. Stretch us beyond ourselves to become stronger and more effective for your name's sake.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's Devo - Protectors of the Birthright

Read 1 Chron. 26: 4-5 (I told you this might take a while)
Next we have the sons of Obededom. Obededom means "to enslave or keep in bondage Edom". Edom is another name for Esau, Jacob's twin brother, who came out all red and hairy. (Gen 25:25) When Jacob came out he was holding Esau's heel. The first born has to do with our first birth into sin which is why he was covered with hair. Hair symbolizes sin. The second born symbolizes our rebirth into salvation. When God cursed the serpent in the garden he said he would put enmity between the snake and the woman and between his seed and her seed; the serpent will bruise the seed of the woman's head, and the woman's seed will bruise the serpent's seeds heel. Jacob stood for the woman's seed (the church's seed) and Esau stood for the serpent's seed. Sooooooo all this means that the job of the son's of Obededom was to protect the birthright of the church. The birthright gives authority and possession to the owner. Jesus got that for us on the cross, so the gatekeeper makes sure it doesn't get stolen.
His firstborn's name means "to hear intelligently and obey". Gatekeepers are the intercessors who can hear the voice of God and intelligently pray our what they hear. The second-born's name means "God endowed". God has endowed us with gifts to fight the enemy with like the Word of God, the confessions of our mouth, the Holy Spirit, discernment, fasting, and the blood of Jesus. The 3rd son's name means "God brothered". God has called us into relationship and covenant. All he has is ours to use: his power, his authority, his love, his grace. The 4th son's name means "recompense". God has payed the price for the benefits we have through the blood of Jesus. I Co. 7:23 says that we were bought with a price, so don't be a servant of man. The 5th son's name means "God has given us his strength". I think if the body would ever get this revelation we would be fearless and the devil would tremble. God' strength is incomparable. Let's get it!
The 6th son's name means "a people, nation, troop of God". That is what God is raising up - a people of strength that know their God. The 7th son's name means " he will bring payment of the contract; he will compensate". One of the roots meant "a vixen". I wonder if this is a warning of what the devil will do. He will not stand by idally and watch us gain territory. He will compensate but that is when we have to remember whose we are. The 8th son's name means "laborious". Spiritual warfare is labor, just like having a baby. But in God's kingdom we labor to enter into his rest. (one of God's many oxymorons or riddles) Selah! (pause and think about this)
Lord may your body possess all the traits of the sons of Obededom that me might protect the birthright purchased at the cross.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday's Devo - Be a Catalyst

I've been thinking lately a lot about our different assignments and how if you know your assignment and you walk in it, you walk in the favor of God. I can tell when I am right on because God's blessings surround me and doors open as I walk. It's kind of hard to put into words.
The other day a friend of mine told me I was a catalyst. That sounded like a good thing and though I knew what she meant by it, I thought I would look up the meaning and try to learn something about what exactly a catalyst does. Websters says that a catalyst is a person, or thing acting as the stumilus in bringing about or hastening a result. That is exactly what the Holy Spirit inside me does everywhere I go. It wakes up people that are complacent and causes the hungry to become hungrier. My desire is that all people will know their place in God and how important their part is in the body of Christ. We are all in this together and we all need each other functioning at 100%. We all carry the power of the Holy Spirit inside us and we all have the power to infect the world with this Holy virus. An epidemic is started when one infectious person comes in contact with a person who is in an environment conducive to infection. The spread of this virus depends on the immune system in the person. Well, we are to be contagious with the power of God, looking for people whose immune system (guard) is down so we can infect them with this power we carry. If the environment is conducive a revival can erupt.
Another definition of a catalyst is "the speeding up or, sometimes, slowing down of the rate of a chemical reaction by the addition of some substance which itself undergoes no permanent chemical change thereby". That means that we, the righteousness of God, can walk into a hostile place and bring peace to it. We stay the same, but we change our environment. I used to work at a very hostile-toward-God place. I brought peace to that place by my presence. One day one of the former employees came back to help us out for a week and after a few days he turned around and said to me, "what have you done to them (our bosses). They don't fight anymore." Our bosses were husband and wife and used to fight like cats and dogs. When I released peace in that place they couldn't fight anymore. I was able to have many conversations with them about Jesus. We are a catalyst when we realize the power that we have in us and release it. That former employee was also a believer but wasn't able to bring about a change in the bosses because he failed to release peace; he released judgment instead. Judgment keeps people locked in their sin; peace brings us all to the same level where a change can start.
Lord, make us catalysts that can release peace and spiritual change everywhere we go

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday's Devo - No Fear!

Yesterday Dave and I went walking and we were talking about God's goodness. I wrote a while back about how the IRS had audited our 2007 taxes and said we owed them an extra $14,000. Dave about fell apart and I was adamant that God was going to come through and we were not going to have to pay that. We asked God for mercy not to have to pay the penalty and a fair price. (I actually asked that we wouldn't have to pay any of it). Well after investigation the verdict came in yesterday. We will have to pay $436!!! That is like nothing compared to 14K. I made the statement to Dave that I love the fact that I have no fear for the future. He said he was not there yet, I guess because he is the breadwinner and it is on his shoulders to provide.....but not really. Didn't God tell the children of Israel that he would give them cities that they didn't build, houses richly stocked with goods they didn't produce, water from cisterns they didn't dig, and food from plants they didn't plant? From the very beginning of time God has been trying to teach his children about grace - unmerited favor. We do not have to work for it. All God required of the children of Israel is that they didn't forget the God who had rescued them and to fear and serve him. He asked them to take an oath to use only his name. (Duet 6:10-13)
Since we live in a democracy with a president we don't really understand the concept of having a king who provides for us. Thank God we don't have a king because most kings turn to dictators and we have seen what they do. God is the only wise and trusting king and spiritually we do live in his kingdom. Our king does care for our every need and loves us individually. We are his children which means everything in the kingdom is ours for the asking. Our problem is we see ourselves through our condemning eyes and we don't ask out of shame. That is where the sacrifices in the Old Testament fell short. They could take away the sin, but not the shame. Jesus took both our sin and our shame and nailed it to the cross. Paul reminds us: "There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ." If we really let this sink into our spirits we would be free to ask for more. Jesus said, "ask and you shall receive.... good measure pressed down and shaken together."
What has God put in your heart to want? What is your dream? Ask for it. Lord, make us people that can be trusted to receive the riches of the kingdom.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fri.'s Devo - The Gatekeepers

Read 1 Chron. 26:1-3 (This one might take a while)
The gatekeepers were the one's who opened and closed the gates. Spiritually those are the discerners of spirits, the one's who can spiritually discern whether a spirit is from God or from Satan. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and our gatekeeper is our conscience and our spirit. Our conscience tells us if it is right or wrong and our spirit tells us if it is holy or unholy.
The first division is the Korhites. Korhites means "ice" which speaks of a hard saying. The truth is sometimes a hard saying. So this group had to tell it like it is even it it was not going to be accepted or it was going to point out sin. Meshelemiah's name means "to be safe in mind, body, or estate". That about sums up the job of the gatekeeper. His first son's name means "to mark so as to be recognized". They are to be able to point out and teach the people what is of God and what is not. The 2nd son's name means "know God's strength by seeing". They are to see spiritually and know by experience that no demon can stand up to the power of God. The 3rd son's name means "to endure because God has given". They are to endure the fight because God has given them authority over evil spirits. The 4th son's name means "endure" again. This is a reminder not to give up in fighting against evil because the devil is relentless but God is able. The 5th son's name means "god has favored; he has bent in kindness to an inferior". God has favored us and bent in kindness to come down in the form of Jesus and has given us the keys to binding and loosening the devil. The 6th son means "an eye". These gatekeepers have eyes that see into the spiritual realm which is how they know when to shut the door and when to open it. The 7th son's name means "towards God are my eyes". He knows to keep his eyes on the Lord instead of the power that he has over the enemy. Remember how the disciples came back to Jesus and were amazed that they had authority over demons and the demons obeyed them? Jesus's reply was: don't marvel that the demons are subject to you. Marvel that your name's are written in the book of life. He drew them back to the Lord as their focus.
Lord, place gatekeepers in our churches who are accepted and honored for their gift. Give them eyes to see and courage to fight. And may our personal gatekeepers speak loudly and may we heed their warnings. Thank you God, for your loving protection.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thurs.'s Devo - What's in an Name? Pt. 2

Read 1 Chron. 25: 20-31
God loves it when we make up songs of his deliverance when we are going through a trial. David sang and played his way through his trials.
Here are the last 12:
14 - seat of his father - gift of God
One day a savior would sit in the seat of God so the singers sang of this gift even though they could not comprehend it.
15 desistance - elevations; to rise up
God was teaching them to resist the devil and recover what he had stolen so the singers sang about rising up to heavenly places with him.
16 to declare - God has favored
God taught them to declare his goodness and his works so the singers sang of the favor of God.
17 a hard seat - protected
God told them their position on earth would not be easy so the singers sang about how God would be with them and protect them.
18 dissever - gracious
God required that they sever themselves from the past, sin, and evil. The singers sang of the grace of God that would enable them to do this.
19 God has set free - I have talked
God had set them free from the bondage of Egypt and the singers were to proclaim that.
20 God will strengthen - God of consent
God promised to strengthen them for the task God had for them so the singers sang about God's approval of his plan.
21 God will establish - he has caused to abound
God will establish his name on the earth so the they sang about the abundance in God.
22 rewarded - I have made great
God rewards those who have made his name great so the singers sang of the greatness of God's hand.
23 God has delivered - visions
God has delivered his people from their enemies so they sang the visions of God - the things he has planned in the future.
24 rescue - I have raised up a help
God rescued them and gave them a land of their own so the singers sang of God's help.
So we see that names are important. God gave Jesus a name above all other names that at his name every knee would bow and every tongue confess that he was Lord. The truth was, there were many other boys back then named Jesus so what made his name so different? His name was inspired by God. A friend of mines' mother was dying of cancer. She had lost the part of her brain that could remember names so she didn't know her own family's names but she knew the name of Jesus and would say it over and over because that name couldn't be taken away by cancer or any other demon.
Your name is what you are. So what do you want your name to be? Live it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wed.'s Devo - What's in a Name?

Read 1 Chron 25: 1-19
David now sets up the musicians who were to hear from God and prophetically sing what they heard. Their time of service was divided into 24 parts just like the Levites. I studied the meaning of the names of both groups. The first definition is the name of the Levite and the second is the name of the musician so here is what I think it means:
1 - contend - add
The Levites were to contend for what the promises of God so the singers sang songs about God's added measure.
2 God has known - God has become great
The Levites taught about an all-knowing God so the singers sang songs to make God's greatness known.
3 to devote to religious uses; consecrate - mindful
God was teaching them to consecrate themselves wholly to God so the singers sang songs to make them mindful of their devotion to God.
4 barley grains - to form a conception of purpose
God used barley to speak of his Word he wanted to implant in them so the singers sang of taking the Word and using it for the purpose it was set out to do.
5 appointed by God - given of God
The children of Israel, like us were appointed by God to do his will so the singers sang of the things God has given us to do his work.
6 from the right hand of - pour out; empty
From God's right hand he would send his power so the singers sang of how God poured himself out for his people.
7 a thorn - right towards God
The Levites warned the people of the judgments of God which would be like a thorn so the singers sang of being right toward God.
8 father - god has saved
God was teaching them about how He wanted to be a father to them so the singers sang of his salvation in the past.
9 he will save - gift
The Levites taught about how God will save in the future so the singers sang about this gift that God would give them.
10 God has dwelt - famous
God had promised that they would be his people and he would dwell with them so the singers sang about the fame of God's power.
11 god will restore - helped
God reminded them how he had helped them in the past and how he will in the future so the singers sang about a restoring God.
12 he will raise - regarded
God has promised he will raise up a people to be called by his name so the singers sang about how God has regarded their hopelessness and chosen them to bear his name.
13 a canopy - returned of God
The canopy speaks of God's secret place with us so the singers sang of those who had returned to worship God.
So every month or however long their shift was that is what they ministered. They ministered the meaning of their name which was their destiny, what God had written on their dna. I think we cycle through these lessons as Christians also. When we get through them we just go back around at a different level.
Lord, help us to know the season we are in and conform to what you are doing in our live

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tues.'s Devo - This is Your Time

Read 1 Chron 24
Now we have the divisions of Aaron. Aaron means "light-bringer". The Levites carried the glory of God wherever they went. They were the ones who hung out around the temple and were in charge of the things of God. We are all priests of God and carry his presence in us which is why Jesus told us to let our light shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify him.
Verse 5 in the New Living says, "All tasks were assigned to the various groups by means of sared lots so that no preference would be shown, for there were many qualified officials serving God in the sanctuary form among the descendants of both Eleazar and Ithamar. God is not random, he is very orderly. Every man was equally qualified but, because man is frail he cannot be in constant service so he used them in shifts. Ever notice how a friend of yours will be used of God in a powerful way and you wonder why Godseems to be over-looking you. Well, he's not. Your time of service is coming. God made seasons to give the plants and the land a rest. We have seasons too and it is what we do in our time of rest that prepares us for our time of work. Spend it wisely because it will determine your effectiveness in work. We want it to be said of us (vs. 19) that each of us carried out our appointed duties in the house of the Lord according to the procedures established by our ancestor Aaron in obedience to the commands of the Lord, the God of Israel.
Lord, may we bring the light to this dark world and may we labor in our season and prepare in the off-season.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday's Devo - Order in the Court

Read 1 Chron 23
This chapter reminds me of the list of critics at the end of a movie. I use to wonder who reads those. But if one of my son's names was on it I would sit through 100 names to read his. This is a list of all the Levites from Moses till now. Why is this relevant to us? Zech. 14 explains what will happen when Jesus comes back to earth. The temple will be restored and Levites will be put back in their order. They'll need these chapters to help them organize.
The Levites were divided into 4 parts. Most (24,000) were needed for the work of God's house. I think those are the majority of us all doing our part whether it is teaching children, hosting a group at our home, using our gift at our local church and wherever we go. Six thousand were leaders: the pastors, priests, and teachers. Four thousand were porters. Those are the prophets, intercessors, discerners of spirits; people that spiritually stand at the doors and allow things to come in and go out. Four thousand were in charge of worship: the singers, players of instruments, worshipers. David himself created some of the instruments they used. They all had their part- the one they were created to do.
The sons of Levi were divided into 3 courses lead by Gershon, Kohath, and Merari. Gershon means "a refugee". His son's names meant they were the ones who went high with God and were famous with him. Their chief"s name meant "captive (or returned) of God". They remind us that our home is not in this world but in heaven. Jesus prayed that God's will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Kohath means "to ally oneself". They were to burn incense before the Lord. These were the intercessors. Incense is the aroma of prayers of the saints. His son's names meant things like "anointing oil"; "high people".
Merari means "to make bitter". He was the discerner of spirits; the judge. In the Old Testament if a woman was accused of adultery she was brought before the priest and made to drink bitter water. If she was guilty her stomach would swell and rot. This speaks of righteous judgment. Not pretty, but needed. It is called reaping what you sowed in the New Testament. We need accountability and consequences. It produces a healthy fear of God.
These 3 men represented the things we need in every local body in order to be complete.
Lord we ask you to set up the Levites in their order in the church. May we all find our God-designed place in the body and do the work we were created to do.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday's Devo - Plan A: Kindness

Our kids came yesterday for the week-end. I was so glad they were going to be here for Friday because I wanted them to go to "Filling the Void" with me where we feed the homeless and have an open air church service downtown. They were so excited about it until we found out they don't meet on holidays. I know that our plan B is always God's plan A so I asked God what his plan was. He gave me a great idea. We went to the Arby's downtown and everyone bought a lunch to go. We went to the place where we usually meet and sure enough there were people there waiting. I had brought some cold water bottles from home so we handed out our lunches and water and talked to a few of them. Then we went to McNalley's around the corner to eat. It was so rewarding and the kids loved it. I think it showed us all how easy it is to minister to people. Kindness is a powerful tool because it is the "kindness of the Lord that leads us to repentance". In 2 Peter 1:7 it says that to our godliness we are to add brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness we are to add charity. And if these things are in us then we will increase and we will not be barren or unfruitful in our knowledge of Jesus.
Lord, show us ways to spread kindness to this world you came to save. Gotta go be with my family.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday's Devo - On This Rock I Will Build My Church

Read 1 Chron. 22
It is at the threashing floor of Ornan that David decided was the place God would dwell: this would be the Temple Mount. This was where the plague of David's sin was atoned for just as the cross is the place our sin was atoned for and God made our heart his temple. David used strangers to do the work of hewing the stones for God's house. Later when it was time for Solomon to build it he used strangers. Are these types of angels? Didn't Jesus tell us to entertain strangers because they might be angels unaware. I wonder if they are the ones that are unaware or or we, maybe both? Anyway, they are ministering spirits sent to do the work.
I think that is interesting that nothing was counted like the stones, nails, weight of the brass. In the first tabernacle every little thing was numbered. I think it is because in heaven there is no measure, everything is "in abundance and without weight".
Solomon is a type of the Millenial reign - Jesus as the king of peace. The first concern in building the temple was the stones for the wall and the wood for the doors of the gates. Isaiah 60 is a chapter describing the millenium and in vs 18 it says that "violence shall no more be heard in your land, wasting nor destruction within your borders; but you shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise." Salvation surrounds those in the city and only the saved will be allowed in and they will enter his gates with praise.
David could not build this house because of all the blood he shed that is in God's sight. The Jesus whose blood was shed on the ground for our sins will not rule this new kingdom. The resurrected Jesus who wears a white robe will be the king.
David left Solomon with enough gold, silver, brass, iron and wood to do the task and he could add to it. Jesus gave us everything we need to be righteous and to make it in the Christian life and we can succeed and if we need more wisdom, knowledge, Word, strength, and support we can add it, too.
Lord, build your house in us.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thurs.'s Devo- What Are We Standing For?

Read 1 Chron. 21
Satan is mad. He "stands up". I guess he couldn't take losing all those battles so he is going to try a new strategy. He couldn't defeat David on the battlefield because David is a good warrior, so he tries a new area: pride. He provoked or seduced David into wanting to number the people. Then David could know how powerful his kingdom really was. Joab tried to talk him out of it because he knew it was wrong. God had said that his people would be as the sand of the sea, without number. David numbers them anyway and finds out he has over one million people. God saw what David did and sent Gad to remind him who was really in charge. He gave David his choice of punishment: 3 years famine, 3 months of losing on the battlefield, 3 days of plague on the land by the angel of the Lord. David chose the latter; he would rather fall into the hands of God because God is merciful and man is not. He was right. The angle came and killed 70,000 men and was making his way to Jerusalem to destroy it when God stopped him at the threshing floor of Ornan. David saw the angel standing between heaven and earth with his sword drawn over Jerusalem and fell on his face and repented. True repentance is when you see your sin, take responsibility for it, and offer retribution. David did all three and the plagued stopped. God told him to offer a sacrifice right there on the threshing floor. Ornan and his 4 sons had been threshing the wheat and also saw the angel and hid. They were doing in the natural what God was doing in the spiritual - separating the good from the bad. David learns from the prophet Gad what God was requiring from him which was a sacrifice right there. David goes to Ornan and tries to buy the land to do the sacrifice and Ornan offers to give him the land and the sacrifice. This was a test to see if David was really repentant. David passed because he refused to offer to God anything that didn't cost him something. David bought the land from Ornan and offered burnt and peace offerings. Burnt offerings are always sin offerings - something that needs to be consumed; they have to do with repentance. Peace offerings are to restore relationship with God. David offered both and God spoke his approval with fire.
Notice both Satan and the Angel of the Lord stood up. When the devil stands up, God stands up. They both stood up to bring destruction. The devil's destruction is always for bad, but the Lord's destruction is always for good. I know this, in the end there will only be one left standing and that is God.
Lord, we repent of any disobedience in our lives. Show us what pleases you and is the best sacrifice to you. Give us clean hands and a pure heart.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wed.'s Devo - Slay Your Giants

Read 1 Chron 20
The first few verses of this chapter are about the capturing of Rabbah. Rabbah means "abundance". In 2 Sam 12:27 it calls Rabbah the city of waters. Water has to do with spirits. It was also the royal city or the seat of authority for the Ammonites. Spiritually this means that this was a spiritual stronghold of great demonic power. David didn't even fight this battle he sent his captain, Joab to do it. This is what we do when we send forth God's ministering spirits to do God's work in the spirit. We don't fight the battle, the battle is the Lord's. David took the enemies' crown of precious stones and placed it upon his own head. That is like taking the enemies curses and turning them into blessings. He also got tremedous spoil from the city. The people of the enemies were sawn in two with saws, iron, and axes. These people were the subjects of this king (the demons of the principality) All the weapons used to do this had to do with laying the axe to the root which is what we do with curses. We cut them out by the root by finding out what brought the curses (the root) and applying the axe of God's Word to it.
The next verses are about the battle against the Philistine giants. The Philistines are those who wallow in the dust: self-pity; wallow in sin. These are the same people that were in the land when the 12 spies came to see the land God had promised them. Their fear of the giants caused them 40 years in the wilderness. They could have gone in with God and defeated the giants then. They had another chance when Goliath challenged the Israelite army and had the Israelites frozen with fear. Young David walked in and slew the giant with a stone. David, a type of Jesus, showed them how to defeat the enemy with the Word (the stone). They are finally using this courage to fight the giants and win.
God will train us for spiritual warfare with progressively harder battles. If we win, we get promoted to a bigger battlefield which usually means a trip down memory lane to kill giants of our past. That is what happened here, but this time they won. The last giant sounded just like Goliath with 6 fingers and 6 toes. Jesus has slain Goliath, the Devil, we just need to stand on that confession.